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I think I'm about done. Time to go back to bed. HAHAA, oh wait! I don't sleep......
She looks up to the moon
and wonders what to do.
She's lost and all alone
but it'll all be over soon.
She screams at the height of her voice
and never once is heard.
She tries to find a way out,
like she even has a choice..
It doesn't matter what they say
when she's already in the dark.
They shouldn't waste their time:
they've never felt this way.
She counts the stars in the sky,
Just waiting for it to end.
She closes her eyes and takes a breath
but all she can do is cry.
She pushes everyone away
and tries to avoid the pain.
She keeps everyone at a distance,
Just wishing that someone would stay.
She holds back her tears,
hoping no-one will notice,
wishing someone would see the mask
that hides her worst fears.
So many people rushing past,
all busy on their phones.
She's prays for someone to help her,
knowing it wouldn't last.
She's held on for so long,
facing each and every day,
putting a smile on her face...
just trying to be strong.
Work in progress?
I haven't decided if I've finished this one yet or not. I started it a couple years ago and continued it a couple nights ago. Title will come when I know it's finished......
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
She carries a broken smile,
Hiding blood and tear stains.
She sits in condemned silence,
Away from wandering eyes.
All of her torturing memories
Try to drive her over the edge.
She won't bite.
She carries on.
The voices of her old friends
Haunt the core of her thoughts.
In the spotlight of the sun,
She feels lost and cold.
She suffers from the pain
That only the blind man sees.
She doesn't fight.
She gives in.
Her friends and her family
All wonder where she's gone.
They search everywhere
But there's nothing to be done,
She's nowhere to be found.
She prays for one more chance.
It's hopeless.
It's pointless.
Patience is running thin
And she's running out of time.
Everyone's noticed her absence
But do they really notice at all?
They want to try and help
But do they really care at all?
It's too late.
It's over.
This one I wrote back in August of 2013, shortly after I disappeared for a while. Found it among my things in the new place and not a huge fan of it but, hey..... Someone else might.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
At night, when you're tired and lying in bed,
Trying to sleep but there's no peace in your head,
You try to hold back but the tears keep on flowing
And you put on a smile but the sadness keeps growing.
The darkness surrounds you and there's nowhere to run.
You're thinking it'd be easy if you only had a gun.
You're crying and desperate and muffled by the rain,
And you try to hold on but there's no stopping this pain.
You're looking for excuses but can't see the light.
It's pulling you down and you don't want to fight.
There's no-one around, so you reach for the knife,
That's hidden under your pillow; an escape from life.
It could all be over with the slice of the blade:
No more worries or heartache as the pain starts to fade.
You think it's tempting to be rid of all this
But into your mind comes all the people you miss:
The ones you've held on for, for whom you're alive today
And you drop your hand and think "I have to stay."
You close your eyes, your arms stained red.
Your cheeks are swollen from the tears that you've shed.
You're crying harden and can't fight it back:
Just relax now as your mind fades to black.
It'll cease one day and you'll no longer cry.
You'll look back and be thankful you were strong enough to try.
Probably one of the shortest poems I have ever written but my creative streak just was not running that night.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
So, this is my second account; the one I will likely be using most often from now on. However, if you'd like to see some of my work prior to adding it to this page, go look here: Go Check Me Out!

Here are links to some of my other pages;
Google Accounts:…
(more to come but right now, I can't be bothered)

More info will come later.
It appears I have been missing in action for quite some time. This post, however will be very short and may be back tomorrow with a new poem.
Today, I honestly feel like I'm just done trying. I've simply not had the motivation to do anything, despite the gorgeous weather. Sleep evades me, as does the desire to even do so, for fear of the nightmare that follows. Even if I don't consciously remember it upon waking up, my body very much does. As I briefly implied, above, I have begun writing again, after not doing so in probably almost two years and as you will find out, even though I am sure I am just writing this for myself, I'm not certain that it's a good thing. Walks do not calm me down and music does not--repeat, does NOT--help. Things are not getting better, a little more detail possibly to come in the future, on that. Yet, I know that as soon as tomorrow comes, I will still want to try harder. So, I guess that's all there is to it, for now....

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